S111080: Planet Protectors Pack 1

Key data

Category: S11 - School Activity Equipment

Location: O (On loan)

Shelf Location:

Age range: 4+years

Number of pieces: 35

Number of unique pieces: 29


1 Planet Protectors Playmat & Storage Case

1 rocket with 4 doors and one nose cone

1 Nuts the monkey (1 currently missing)

1 orange jeep

1 Kat the lion

1 green quad bike

1 green backpack crane with tape measure attached

2 purple nets

1 Ace the orangutan

1 swamp airboat

1 blue explorers backpack with floodlights

1 Ice the polar bear

1 red & white snowmobile

2 icicles

1 red & mauve backpack with compass

1 Eye the eagle

1 mauve & orange jet plane

1 mauve and orange rocket backpack with telescope

1 Ridge the moose

1 yellow orange & grey aircraft

1 yellow backpack with spotlight

1 Reef the dolphin

1 jetski mauve

1 water missiles blue (2 currently missing)

1 mauve airtank with periscope

5 character cards (1 currently missing)

1 crocodile

1 purple tank with red wheels

1 purple, red and blue piece


Description: No Need to count pieces. Please try not to lose any pieces to keep the toy in an enjoyable and usable state for children. Thank you. :)

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: WARNING! Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years or those who still put things in their mouths! It may present a choking hazard.