K5471: Wooden Rocket PLUS BAG!!

Key data

Category: K54 - Kinder Imaginative Transport

Location: O (On loan)

Shelf Location:

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 27

Number of unique pieces: 22


1 Spaceship with Lift

1 Rocket

2 strings with grey ends (1 currently missing)

1 detachable oxygen tanks

1 removable helmets

1 radar

1 green alien

1 white bed

1 large large solar panel

1 medical kit

1 grey moonscape

1 control panel with red lamp

1 treadmill grey with red attachment

1 wagon

1 blue canister

1 yellow canister

1 control unit with black handles

1 astronauts

3 orange counters

3 green counters

1 blue counters

1 tool kit



Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: Please hand bag to co-ordinator when returning.

Common warning two: WARNING! Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years or those who still put things in their mouths! It may present a choking hazard.