K3609: Susibelle Building Bricks

Key data

Category: K36 - Kinder Co-ordination

Location: I (In library)

Shelf Location:

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 50

Number of unique pieces: 41


2 orange cubes

1 green green cube

1 green arch

1 green ramp

1 flat green rectangle

1 flat blue rectangle

1 flat light blue rectangle

1 small flat light blue rectangle

1 light blue cube

1 aqua cube with hole

1 aqua cylinder

1 aqua cube

1 aqua ramp

1 small flat aqua rectangle

1 large aqua block

2 white arches

1 white cubes

1 small flat white rectangle

1 white ramp

2 white large blocks

2 long flat yellow rectangles

1 small flat yellow rectangle

1 yellow cylinder

1 yellow cube

1 yellow cone

1 large yellow block

1 long flat wooden rectangle

2 small flat wooden rectangles

4 wooden cubes

1 wooden cylinder

1 pink long flat rectangle

1 small pink rectangle

1 pink arch

1 pink ramp

2 pink cubes

1 large pink block

1 dark pink long flat rectangle

1 small dark pink rectangle

1 dark pink cube

1 dark pink cylinder

1 dark pink cone



Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: WARNING! Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years or those who still put things in their mouths! It may present a choking hazard.